Ebola isn't just something you can hide from. Well do ya? Do ya? Ebola isn't just some game.  Ebola has been alive since 1976.  Ebola has killed over 19,000 people. It has destroyed families. Torn them apart. Ebola is more than a virus it is a killer, a hot agent.

                                                     By Sam Vanderwall

At first it seemed like a nightmare. One moment I am laying in bed with my wife and the next she’s gone. Taken away by the damaging and life taking disease known as Ebola. They told us they would do everything they could to help her, but everything was not enough to fight off this infectious disease. My wife is gone leaving behind me and our two kids. It all happened so fast she had not been feeling well for a few days and was complaining of having nausea and a headache. This went on for about eight days and it just kept getting worse. She was throwing up everything she ate and had a dangerously high fever. Finally, I took her to the hospital. Here in Sierra Leone, our hospitals are not the best because of our lack of resources. But I was just hoping they could give her something for the pain and nausea. When we got there they took one look at her and sent her away telling me that she may have Ebola and to take her to the hospital designed for that. Instantly terror ripped through me. I knew about Ebola and I knew what could and would most likely happen to my wife. I begged and prayed that they were wrong, but in the end I knew they were right.

I took my wife to the hospital about two hours away and right away they took her and told me I needed to stay back, that I could possibly be infected as well, and that if I start to have the symptoms to come back. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her. From that day on I waited for the symptoms to come, but they never did. I guess you could say I am one of the lucky ones. But I am now without my wife, and my children are missing their mother. They are too young to understand what has happened. After about a week we received a knock at the door. When I answered it I knew right away, the look in his eyes have it away. As he was telling me that my wife will never return to my children or I, my heart just broke. It has been about two months and this disease is still taking lives everyday.

                                                            Home wrecker

                                                             Bailey Riley

   Ebola, Ebola, Ebola that word has been haunting my mind ever since this outbreak happened. I knew about the disease but honestly I didn't think something to this intense would ever happen, and me being in the middle of it is kind of screwed either way. But I am a health work that doesn't matter, I have always been in the center of the most dangerous diseases and sick people. I had always been the one person that was all for getting out into the field and now that I’m here. I am not sure if I am ready for this. Or at least Ebola. I have seen families torn apart, kids stuck on their own, to fend for themselves while their parents are on the verge of death. MY job is to travel from village to village or city to city looking for Ebola cases. Yep, you heard me right and one of the people that rounds up the sick to make sure that they don’t affect any others. Every-time I go out I am risk, I don’t wear the haze mats that you see everyone else wearing. We don’t wear them because it scares the villagers. I mean understandable, I mean it would scare me to see people dressed up like monster come and rip my family apart. That’s why some people run from us, they go to other villages, other cities, other countries because they are afraid of the hospital. They all know that when you go the hospital, they is barley ever anyone that comes back home. That is where most death occur. They happen in the hospital. Its sad. Its treble sad. I see them good, happy healthy one day, than a zombie the next, then finally gone.

Everything is at risk when it comes to being a health worker in the field. When you see a sick person you have to keep your distance a 6 foot miniuim. It’s horrible. Especially when you see a horrified paitent and you want to comfort them, but you can’t. Every day I'm forced go out into torn apart villages and rip people from their homes, their families. It's not the greatest job on earth but its this or slowly let the world fall into ruins. Its my responsibility to keep the world in tack. There is nothing I can do without ruining one family and tarring one apart.

                                                               The burial

                                                             Leilani Allen

Another body down in the dirt. Another person whose life has been ripped away from them due to the tragic disease known as Ebola. I have witnessed the madness it has caused. I have seen the horror it has brung amongst my fellow people. I have participated in the disposal of thousands upon thousands of bodies since this epidemic has occurred.

It has taken a part of my life. It has consumed my whole family in one gigantic gulp. I have buried them also mentally and literally. The act has slowly broken me down into a pile of flesh and bone. I am now just a man trying to fulfill his duty as all my emotions have vanished like a stream of water after a year long drought. I can honestly say I am not the man I use to be.

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