Cash Register

Ziasia Hines

This was a cash register in 1879.

A cash register is a machine used in places of business for regulating money transactions with customers. Throughout the 1900's many advances have been made in cash registers. Not only have they become harder for thieves to steal, they have made retail and restaurant commerce much easier and more profitable for business owners. Today options such as touch screen computers, scanning of thousands of inventory items, processing credit cards, and printing of items to kitchen printers make the success of business ownership and management much more efficient and effective. James Ritty  invented this cash register January 30, 1883.  Cash registers have changed the way society shops since they were first invented in 1883. Back then the cashier would have to enter the amount of every item that was purchased. Today, all that is needed is to scan a barcode on the back of an it and all the information about the item is right on the barcode.

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