narrative entry 5

IB SL 2 Theatre Sturgis Charter Public School West Campus
Danny O'Connell 11-5-14

the plot line of our play is essentially the story of Gaius Mucius (Scaevola) an historical figure from ancient Rome, He was a 15 year old boy when he walked into the camp of the invading Clusians and killed the kings scribe thinking that he (the scribe) was the king the king admired his bravery and had planned to let him go but Gaius stared the king in the eyes as he burned his own arm off this scared the clusian king and so he did not invade Rome. our group chose this story because it is a real life example of a hero character and morality to teach a lesson (bravery and self sacrifice) the story itself does not have very many characters and it adapted effortlessly into the Wayang Kulit style. all around our group worked very well together there was very little confusion on our first day we had already established what we were performing as well as the puppets that had to be created from there out Brett wrote the script and Vanessa and I made the Puppets. there were some minor hiccups along the way like the king looking like Bart Simpson, or Scaevola holding a sword but we worked out each kink pretty quickly.

As an individual the performance i thought went O.K not great but not poorly either we struggled with the puppets in a couple places, I had to run in front of the screen, and the scene changes were in some places choppy however as an over all performance piece i believe that it went well we told the story successfully and made it work. the hardest part of the whole project for me was cutting out the leaf it was intricate detail work but i think in the end it was entirely worth it. I felt that puppetry was extremely strong story telling device especially in regards to our group like i said in the first paragraph it effortlessly translated itself. I hope to work more with puppetry in the future i might try to find a way incorporate it into my IPP.