Persuasive Essay:

Human Trafficing


     Human Trafficking is one of the many problems the world faces today. Human trafficking happens all over the world everyday wether it's with adults or even children. Human trafficking needs to stop those people who are getting thrown around across the world, countries, city's, and town don't want that and don't need that.

     Those people who are being sold to other people for sex did nothing wrong. They shouldn't be in that position to be forced into something they do not want to be. They get thrown around like there nothing but they mean to world to someone. It's one thing to do it to adults  and another to do it to children who probably never even hit puberty yet. Those people are in pain and being sold all over the county to be forced into sis thing they do want to do.

     Human Trafficking doesn't  just happen in one place it's all over the world in different countries. Nobody deserves to be sold for money and get forced to do stuff you don't want to do. It's painful for them they didn't chose to be there but they are there now and want to leave. They are probably all good people that shouldn't be in that position. People need to step up and take action.

     Society should report anything suspicious no matter what the consequence will be. Police should step up and try better to find missing people. People should be on the look out for things like this there are people who see it but won't report it.People should be more careful and aware of what's going on around them.

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