Howard Garner School for the Multiple Intelligences

The incorporation of technology for the advancement of student learning and engagement.

1:1 iPads for the staff and students at HGS

Use of available apps to allow students to differentiate learning and challenge students through the use of technology.

88.4% of students at HGS are economically disadvantaged and may have not had the chance to use technology to enhance or impact their learning.

HGS rated "early tech" on the Texas Campus STaR Chart, failed to close the learning gaps and failed to meet the challenges of learners that had mastered objectives.

iPads allow for innovative instruction through the use of the many apps available.  There are apps that enhance student experience through QR readers (bar codes), interactive power points, digital flyers/brochures, vocabulary, audio books, PDFs, ebooks, virtual desktops to view network files outside of the classroom, maps/graphs, virtual classrooms and many, many other exciting programs just waiting to be incorporated into lessons.

HGS also has a 36.5% student ratio of ELL students and there are several iPad apps that allow for note-taking in Spanish with the option for English translation and vice versa.  In addition, there are many other apps that allow for Spanish to English translations with interactive visuals.

The most interesting aspect of the use of iPads is that through continuous feedback from users, they continue to rework the apps to make them more compatible and friendly to the format that they are intended.

Staff and students will be trained in function, accessibility, digital citizenship and proper use prior to roll out.  iPads will be optional and users will agree to an users' contract and insurance during enrollment.  Teachers will maintain the rules for digital citizenship in their classrooms, as well as a "green light/red light" to make students and administrators aware of proper times to have them out and in use.  HGS will provide technical support on a campus level, as well as provide continual training on the use of iPads/apps to teachers through the year.  Training will count towards technology hours needed.

Lastly, iPads can be used across disciplines and in extracurricular activities as well.  There are literally a multitude of ways that at an iPad can be used to increase student learning by making it fun and interactive!

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