Wardrobe weather woes

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and that means we’re going to have to style our wardrobe, and new research shows that this will lead to stress for half of the nation.

As the days become shorter and the nights longer, men and women alike are already starting to worry about their attire, with two-thirds having planned their new seasonal wardrobe a month in advance.

Despite 63% of adults readily admitting they feel guilty over the cost of buying new apparel, three-quarters of the nation will be hitting the shops this week, as they attempt to clothe themselves for the onslaught of winter. Furthermore, over a third will hide the cost of their new purchases from the partner or loved ones, in particular those in the South East – not surprising considering over a million Brits will be spending in excess of £3,000, according to the research from QVC.

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But it’s not just the money that worries our nation of shopaholic Brits. Concerns over finding outfits to suit their shape and wanting to be on trend are also front of mind. And despite a third of shoppers admitting to being excited at the prospect of trying out new fashion trends, over 1 in 10 admitted to being apprehensive about what look to go for.

Not surprisingly it’s the youngsters who are the biggest culprits for buying new clothes. 18 – 24 year olds update their wardrobes more than any other age group, opting to buy new outfits every two weeks versus those who are 55+, who only tend to seek out new garments once a year.

And the younger generation isn’t shy of spending a penny or two, with 18 to 34 year olds more likely to spend an average of £250 each season as opposed to the older generations who prefer to stick within the £150 bracket. Interestingly, it’s the men who are the big-spenders – the gents spend an average of £194 in comparison to women who tend to spend £144 when updating their seasonal wardrobes.

Ironically, it’s the more practical, warming items that tend to come bottom of our shopping wish-lists, with many admitting they hate having to buy hats, scarves and gloves despite the chilly British winters.

Commenting on the findings, Nick Chalkley, Head of Fashion Buying at QVC said: “I’m not surprised to see how stressful people find dressing in between seasons. With our notorious British weather, we never know whether we’re coming or going. Luckily at QVC we have something to suit all tastes, shapes and sizes… And weather conditions!”

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