K-12 mLearning

Star Walk

What: Star Walk is an app that allows users to journey the stars. This app provides a introduction to astronomy.

How: In the classroom Star Walk can be used to observe the constellations in the sky above. Students simple point their iPhone or iPad camera lens at the  sky and the app maps out the constellations for them. It also provides pictures of the animals each constellation represents. This is extremely useful for the visual learners in the classroom.


What: This app helps children learn to read

How: In the classroom this app can be used as an aid or extra help for children struggling to grasp reading.


What: Pages is a word processing program on an iPhone or iPad.

How: In the classroom this app provides an expansion on the conventional use of a computer processor. With this app, students have the freedom to use their ios device to get a hands on grasp of the assignment. This app acts like a computer word processing program, so students can also insert graphics.

Mathcubes: Addition and Subtraction

What: An app that allows the user to practice addition and subtraction on their ios device.

How: In the classroom this app can aid in a child's early addition and subtraction so that that child does not fall behind in class. This app can be used outside and inside the classroom.


What: This app is a more expensive and more sophisticated version of Mathcubes. This app provides users practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How: In the classroom this app will provide students with an aid to their learning of basic math. This app also has a feature where it generates problems based on the ones that the user got wrong, so students will practice the parts they are struggling with the most.

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