Video Game Programmer

Job Purpose

Video Game Programmers help with the making of a game they are the ones that actually make a game work by writing certain types of code a game will function without the code a game would never work.


  • To ensure that there are no missed codes and that they are all written correctly
  • Have patience and calmness when dealing with a game because you never know where a game will mess up or "bug/glitch"


  • To have a great attitude with your co-workers and other people working on a game(examples would be Video Game Designers)
  • To have a great understanding of technology
  • Have a bachelors degree in Computer Programming
  • Have a basic knowledge of most coding language to understand and fix errors or bugs in a video game


Video Game Programmers have an income rate of $72,000 ( 3 years experience) to $105,000 (6+ years of experience).

But if the Programmer was a Lead/Senior Game Programmer/Engineer or Technical Director he or she would make $115,000 (Lead/Senior Game Programmer/Engineer) to $135,000 (Technical Director).


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