Dorm of an Engineer

A tour of my room

I strive for a neat and quirky look

The most functional part of my dorm room is the shelf next to the entrance. Since it's the last thing I pass when leaving my room and the first item I meet when I reenter, I keep my WPI beanie on the corner nearest the door. Inside the beanie I keep all the items I need on my way out (and want to drop off when I come back in)-- my watch, school ID card, and headphones.

Next to my shelf of passage is the refrigerator; on top of the fridge is the microwave; and on top of the microwave is our community cookie jar. These cookies are shared between me and my roommate, and are free to any guests we entertain.

The artistic mantelpiece of my room is the shelf adjacent to my desk. On it, I keep my collection of top four favorite Hotwheels cars, my remote control Ferrari Enzo, my holographic Enzo mousepad my father bought me from the official Ferrari store in Dubai, and my Altec Lansing iPod speakers I bought with my own money. All of these are extremely prized possessions of mine, and I attempt to use this shelf to display them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Inside the shelf, I keep my quick-access accessorial items such as my magnifying lenses for circuitry work, whiteboard and whiteboard markers, tissues, and remote controls for my small Japanese robot and Enzo.

The main piece in my room is my desk, and I try my best to keep it incredibly neat and minimalistic. The keyboard and mouse are wireless, and I hide the wires from my monitor and lamp to give the entire area a sense of magic.

Finally, just behind my desk on top of my Panasonic speaker system, I keep a book my aunt gave me juxtaposed with two robots to strike a funny semblance between the objects. The implication is that robotics engineers are socially awkward and "can't pick up chicks." The opposing speaker tower `supports a beautifully sculpted glass pelican my friend Shipra brought me back from the Bahamas and gave me for my birthday this year.

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