The Path of Destruction....

The sherman's march was a path of destruction. On his path to Atlanta, anything that got in his way was slashed and burned down. He was going to Atlanta to obtain a victory.

My opinion is that richard did the right thing because we all know that in order to win, you have to fight hard. Thats what he did, he took no mercy. He did the right thing because he wanted to stand out. He wanted the people to know that he was not playing about obtaining that victory.

Another total warfare was WW1. WW1 killed over 9 million soldiers in total. In World War 1, there was a total of 9 countries that affected the war. Including Germany, Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, United States, France Russia, Italy, and Japan. During The war there was a massive trench warfare. Over the years, Technology is what made the war so deadly. Missiles and tanks destroyed the trenches that were dug by the soldiers. That then ended the defense army of the colonies.

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