Brighton Beach Memoir

The Great Depression

Was an economic slump in North America and Europe from 1929-1939. It was said to be started by the collapse of stock-market prices on the New York exchange. The failure of so many banks caused for many people to be more cautious in everything they did. This was not just a north America thing but also a Europe thing since they are economically with North America. The great depression was a terrible thing in the western world but it caused many families to not be able to provide for each other. This was horrible in the country but luckily ended sooner than later.

Colleges in the 1930's

In the 1930s the tuition was about $260.The room and board cost $500 and the books were about $35.There were many differences between colleges between today and back then.For example, the costs for many of the materials and to be at the school has changed. Back then it was pretty cheap compared to now. Also, The way the school looks now they are nice universities and also, back then it was kind of broke down and not as good looking. The mascot for the school is cyclones.

Costs in the 1930's

The gas cost was about 10 cents and that was for a gallon.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear, Mr. Stroheim it has came to my attention that at work i have reacted in a wrong way. I hope that you will accept my apology and allow me to work for you again. I have realized what i did was wrong and i hope you forgive me.I really need the money for my family needs my economic help.

I really do appreciate everything you have done for me and you wont regret giving me another chance.Honestly, i will become the best employee you ever have or will have. I am going to treat this job with all of my heart and i will do everything that will help out this job.

Lastly, im begging for forgiveness please i will not act in the manner again. I just felt everyone should have the same freedom. I hope you take this to consideration and take me back.

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