Mr and Mrs  Foster were an elderly couple who lived in New York, Foster mrs had a problem with the watch when she saw that he was late for his left eye somewhere he began to twitch. Eugine Foster after having managed to convince her husband to let her go to visit her granddaughter to France, he started with preparations for the trip and think every time more on emotion that came to his mind when he thought about it. After waiting finally came the day when we had to go to the airport heading to France, that day asked her husband and the driver of the house an hour before the flight leaves she wanted to be at the airport to paperwork. When they were top of the car for the airport told him that her husband had forgotten at home had a gift for her granddaughter, then told Mrs foster needed to grab the gift back. Mr foster returned and got out of the car and entered the house to look for when Eugine find the gift in the car. Foster mrs low to warn that already had the gift and when she entered the house was found that the elevator was open and there was no one in the quarter. She returned to remise and pulling all the fart that generated her husband in his life I leave him to die trapped in the elevator. However it since France sent letters to pose as if she did not know

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