A Cuban Christmas

By: Rebecca Strickland

Christmas in Cuba

A cuban christmas has alot to do with their dictator Fidel Castro. Christmas in Cuba is also often called NocheBuena. It is mainly introduced and influenced by the Catholic religion. There is a dinner celebration called Cena de Navidad and they serve beans, rice, pork, and many other dishes as well. On Christmas families look forward to spending it with each other and roast the pork. Tropical fruit was also served during the dinner. Cubans also drink mojitos on Christmas. Unlike the United States in which we buy each other gifts, in Cuba they do not really swap/share gifts with each other because they view christmas as a low key celebration.

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3 years ago

Good start Rebecca, but this could have used more details. What does Christmas have to do with Fidel Castro? for instance. Maybe a picture of a city in Cuba.