Left Behind
by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins

Left Behind by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins takes place in present day in Chicago. The book deals with a large part of Catholicism and the rapture. In the Christian faith the rapture is the end of all days, The belief is that all true Christians will be taken to the heavens in a instant or also know as "raptured" while the rest of the world goes through the end of days. The remaining people on earth go through tests of faith and will have to endure the horrors that face them. In the bible it says in the wasteland the rapture leaves behind that the Anti-Christ will rear its ugly face. The anti-christ is the ultimate false messiah which is exactly the opposite of Christ himself.  

A pilot named Rayford Steele and a passenger on his plan named Buck Williams are on a flight when suddenly people vanish and leaves everybody in panic and dismay. Panic has hit the world and people are left with no idea what to do or what to think. Many people think it could be the end of days or also known as the "rapture" but do not want to believe it. Rayford is not a true believer in the christian faith and never has been but is beloved wife is a strict believer in the faith. With Rayford not being a true believer in god he was not taken to the heavens and left behind. Buck has never really had family and has been alone most of his life so when the rapture hit it did not take anyone dear to his life. Buck and Rayford only have each other. Like its foretold in the Bible the Anti-christ is now apart of life on earth. unlike most people would imagine the Anti-christ does not appear like a evil being but instead takes form as a Nicolae Jetty Carpathia who becomes secretary general of the united nations. This is a huge problem because "Nicolae Carpathai" start causing chaos and damage to people but it appears the Buck and Rayford are the only ones who can see the damage hes doing. It becomes Rayford and Bucks goal to stop chaos the Anti-christ is causing. Through out the book Rayford slowly starts becoming more of a believer in faith.  The resolution of the book is that Rayford and Buck stop the Anti-christ by exposing him. The one thing you can take away from this book is that you don't have to be a believer in faith but just make sure in the end your a good person.

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