Antigone scene I

Sentry: King Creon! OMG I don’t know how to start. all the way to you I thought about it I could just turn around and go but no, someone has to tell you the bad news. It’s really weird! I don’t how to say it, the story doesn’t make sense at all it’ just -

Creon: Come on, what happened?

Sentry: I don’t know who did it and it was not me. Don’t be mad at me.

Creon: We will see. Say it!

Sentry: Well. I don’t know how to start -

Creon: SAY IT!

Sentry: Ok so: Do you remember Polyneices, the dead guy, someone buried him. The man who buried him is gone.

Creon: Who is that man? Who did that?

Sentry: I don’t know! Really! Well listen: you can’t see anything at the place. No one footprint in the sand or even wheeltracks. It was today morning, they relieved us and the corporal saw the body was missing. The body wasn’t really buried he was only covered with a little bit of dirt but this is enough to give the soul rest. Everybody was confused and discussed who the man was who did that but nobody was it. We can prove it. We can’t explain it, it’s a miracle. But trust me, it wasn’t me! I did nothing! We needed someone who tells you the bad news. We threw the dice and here I am. I think we both are not really happy that I have to tell you these news. Nobody likes the man who brings bad news.

Choragos: I thought about that Boss. I think the gods did that! I mean that would be explain a lot.

Creon: Stop!! How can you say such things about the gods ?! What did he do in favour to the gods? Someone who tried to destroy the state. I think the people who are against me play a role in that miracle. But you-! I swear by the god find that man, bring him here to me, or your death will be the least of your problems.

Sentry: Boss, may I say something?

Creon: No! your bother me.

Sentry: Really! is it my voice or their wrongness?

Creon: Omg! Shut up. Are you trying to confuse me?

Sentry: It is no what I say but what has been done, that upset you.

Creon: You ramble on.

Sentry: Maybe, but I’ve done nothing.

Creon: You put your life for sell.

Sentry: How awful it is when the right man is wrong!

Creon: Just bring me the man, you will get profit too!

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