The sun gives energy to the producer so when primary consumers come to eat the producer give them energy. The grass hopper then gives energy

All food chains start with the sun. The sun provides energy to producers which in my food chain is grass. Grass gets all the Sun's energy. Energy is transferred from the grass to the grasshopper. The grasshopper is a herbivore which means it only eats plants. The grasshopper is then ate by the mouse and the grasshopper and what it ate gives energy to the mouse and the mouse is then by ate a snake. The same process starts over again the mouse giving energy to the snake. Then the snake is ate by a hawk so the grass in the grasshopper and the grasshopper gave energy to the mouse and the mouse's food and the mouse gave energy to the snake and the snake and its food gave energy to the hawk. Now when the hawk dies decomposers which in my food chain is fungus breaks down decayed nutrients and puts them in to the soil for plants.