Chemistry of Baking Brownies

The high percentage of baking fat in brownies is one factor accounting for the tender, crumbly texture of a good brownie. It also helps the brownies raise.

Increasing the proportion of dry ingredients may produce more of cake-like brownie than block chocolate chips. Adding Vanilla extract increases chocolate's complex taste. These reactions accrue during baking at 320 degrees. Baking soda and baking powder leaves a lighter texture and more consistent results.

Ingredients Used

The flour provides most of the bulk of the baked item, the fat gives the softer texture and helps prevent the CO2 bubbles from escaping from the mixture too soon, the baking soda helps produce a strong base, baking powder is baking soda with acid added, The beaten egg helps retain gas bubbles while egg alone acts as a binder, salt adds flavor and strengthens the soft fat and sugar mixtures.