Ancient Egypt

By: Nicole Deuter

Map of Ancient Egypt

Stable Food Supply:

The Ancient Egyptians used the Nile River for Water source. They used the Nile to water the crops. Their crops were things like wheat, barley, cucumber, melons, grapes, and figs. They often used the water for their needs and their jobs. But water was mostly for food. With themselves and their children to take care of they needed a lot of food. The Egyptians ate Antelope, fish, Herons, and chickens. Beer and wine were customary drinks. Always for all Social Classes. They often kept their fields harvested well and the fruits and vegetables fresh. They were very picky on what they ate. Nothing bad or sour. They recorded when they harvested and when to harvest believing it was easier to keep track.

Social Structure

There were many social classes in Ancient Egypt. There were Pharohs, government, soilders, Scribes, Merchants, Artisans, Farmers, Slaves. Pharohs of course being the most important and the slaves being the least. Social Classes could tell a lot about a person who they were what they did. It also told others who to trust and who they could and couldn't like or marry. It was the girls parents right to choose who would marry their daughter and there as no going back. You HAD to marry someone from your social class. Scribes could not marry artisans and artisans couldn't marry farmers. It was very sad as we think of it today but back then it didn't matter they were happy with it


Religion was a big part of they Egyptian way of life. Osiris is the god of resurrection to eternal life ruler and judge of the deceased. So he decided if you went to heaven or hell being the judge. Anubis was the help and protector of the after life and helped people. Normally helping the innocent. He was the god of funeral and death. He was very important. People wanted to please him because they wanted him to help them in the after life. Horus the god of vengence, sky, protection. He is the oldest of the gods. He loved to get vengeance on the people who hurt him. People believed that if they were kind to Horus he wouldn't seek vengence or wreak havoc by ruining their crops.but instead be kind and protect them.

System of Government

Every civilization had a Pharaoh. A type of government was theocracy. When it came to punishments many involved consulting the gods. The government would punish as the gods saw fit. if you had committed a crime it brought up disgrace to your family. Government was big part of peoples lives. Ancient Egypt was greatly and highly respected for their system of government. The government had a group of people who would talk to gods and understand what would happen in the future. these people where often scribes who would help often. The Government did what the gods told them to do thats what is what they were for.

The Arts

Ancient Egypt art is admired and respected. Much of the surviving art comes from tombs and after it is look over it is placed in museums. The beautiful art work could take months to do. Symbols they used are beautifully crafted. the gods/goddesses they painted went into extraordinary detail. Painting was an art that people greatly admired and loved. Sculpting was often used as a description of what they saw in their dreams. They sculpted a lot of head dresses and tombs.

Advances in Technology

The Ancient Egyptians changed tools. They also began to use simple machines. Such as the ramp and lever. they used these when they built the pyramids. They needed all the help they could get. It took a while so they needed to step up their process. Egyptians even began to use math and geometry. They also began to make medicines from herbs they harvested.

Written Language

One of their greatest inventions was writing. They could keep track of their empire. Papyrus sheets were used for important documents and texts. It was made from papyrus plant. They also used writing for keeping track of trade. It was an extrodinary invention.

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