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Learning Goals and Targets.....

Clear learning goals help student learn better! When students understand exactly what they're supposed to learn and what their work will look like when they learn it, they're better able to monitor and adjust their work, select effective strategies and connect current work to prior learning.

Great Article from Educational Leadership......

    Important Information

    Report Cards........New Comment Code #20 has been revised for teachers to use on student report cards. It states, “At this time, your student is not performing at grade level as measured by classroom assessments. Your student is currently performing below grade-level standards. Supports have been developed to address your student’s needs.” This comment may be placed beside any grade/subject for which it is applicable. Because of the limitations of the box, this entire comment will not appear in the drop down box for teachers, but WILL appear complete on the report card.

    This Week....


    Monday: 3-5 Dance Team Practice

    Tuesday: MTSS Team B

    Wednesday:  Clemmon's Baby Shower


    Friday: Leader of the Month; Report Cards; Snow Cone Day

    Coming Up...

    Monday  3rd- Kdg- 2nd Dance Team; SIP due into CIMS

    Tuesday 4th - MTSS Team A; 2:15 K-Kids

    Wednesday 5th -

    Thursday 6th-

    Friday 7th - Vocabulary Parade

    Happy Birthday

    Nov. 1st- Kathy Edwards

    Reflection Question

    Do you use learning targets to build a learning trajectory that leads students to a learning goal?

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