Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

The Great depression was a big economic slump in North America. This slump lasted about a decade from 1929-1939. Was the worst depression that the industrialized western part of the world has ever experience. The Great Depression also put alot of men out of jobs at the factories so it put them in a very large debt.

Colleges in the 1930's

Colleges kn the 1930's their tuition cost about 640$ back then that is very cheap compared to now. The books cost about $35 in the colleges of 1930 the differences between the colleges now and back then is that back then they weren't really asking for a lot of money. Now the colleges now a days ask for your life saving ! but really most of it just for your books.

Stan's Apology

   I am terribly sorry for all the inconvenience at work. But I would want you to know I am not the same man I was before I got the opportunity to work here. But i would like to thanks you for that because I am a better man now. However, I would like to keep my job please let me make it up to you.  

    I am a great man and one of your best workers I should keep my job because  I'm a hard working man and I am always on time. I deserve to keep my job i have worked so hard to get where I am now ! Please Mr. Stroheim ! I'm begging you I wont mess up anymore please!..

     I will do anything to show you I can do better. Please  Mr. Stroheim I'm always on time and I am always on working. This is my letter so. " Think about it take your time you'll probably change your mind"!

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