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Jordan Gilliland is a secondary education language arts major at The University of Alabama. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, working out, and cooking for her family and friends. She hopes to encourage children and young adults to engage in learning opportunities that will enrich their lives and provide them with bright futures.

What is a hero?

     Throughout the years, the word hero has been defined in a variety of different ways. Comic books and television shows have given us their perspectives on heroes by providing us with the outlook that heroes are supernatural humans with innate qualities. However, a hero does not always have to be able to fly or shoot lasers from their eyes. A hero can be someone who you look up to and admire for all they have done. A hero can be someone who you as a person strive to be every day when you wake up. There are many different levels of being a hero and it is all determined by what you as a person look for in a hero.
      To begin, I do whole-heartedly believe that Batman and Spiderman are heroes in a sense. Throughout the years, they have provided children with traits to look up to. All of these men and women in comic books ands television shows have supernatural powers that allow them to save the world. Although us as humans do not possess those superpowers, it still allows children to see how crucial it is for someone to help others and stand up for what they believe in. These comic books and television shows give young children role models to look up to and aspire to be like. Just because a child will never get bitten by a spider and develop abnormal superpowers does not mean that that child cannot be a positive influence to the world around them. Artificial superheroes like the ones found in comic books and television shows give children hope at a young age to be the best they can be and to help out whenever possible.
    At a young age, a child’s heroes are the superheroes they see on television and in books. However, as children grow older, they begin to look up to their parents and other adults in their life. A parent is, in my opinion, the utmost important aspect in a child’s life. They rear the children, teach them right for wrong and teach them how to treat others. Personally, I consider my mom to be one of the heroes in my life. I have seen her overcome a variety of obstacles that have only made her stronger as a person. Children need role models in their lives like this in order to develop the traits that will mold them into responsible and caring adults. I have heard many children tell their mothers and fathers that they are the heroes in their lives. It is extremely heart-warming to see a child have a positive adult to look up to in their life. Much like superheroes possess abnormal traits that allow them to save the world, parents and other adult role models possess helpful traits like these. They are just much more humane and plausible. The fact that most mothers drive their children to school and practices without ever being late is a superpower in itself. To the dads that pick their little girls up in the air and fly her around the living room, that is a superpower in itself. Parents provide their children with the love and support that they need on a daily basis. Parents are just as much heroes as the ones we see in comic books and television shows.
    On a personal level, my hero is Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for my sins and loves me unconditionally. I am forever grateful for his unfailing love for others and myself. Many people argue that Jesus Christ cannot be a hero. I have never physically met him. I have only met him in a spiritual sense. To those of you that believe this, have you ever met Batman or Wonder Woman? I think not. A hero does not have to be someone who you see every day. It can merely me someone who you talk to about yourproblems or read about in a book. You have to truly believe that that person is someone whom you can look up to and aspire to be like. Although we can never be exactly like Jesus Christ, we are taught to carry out a life that our Father in Heaven would want us to live. That is more than enough for me to hold His son on such as high pedestal as my hero.
    Anybody can be a hero. It is all a matter of who you look up to and what your beliefs are as a human. Everyone should have their own personal opinions as to who they want their hero to be. A person should never be judged by their choices for their hero. Heroes come in a variety of different ways. The definition of hero can only truly be defined by the person who is telling you who their hero is. As humans, we all have different characteristics that we look for in someone. Everyone has different priorities and expectations. The word hero is the person that you look up to. A hero is not defined by your superpower, how tall you are, how much money you make, or how many lives you have saved. A hero is simply defined as being the person in which you look up to and aspire to be like. Everyone should determine who his or her hero is and strive to carry out a life that their hero would be proud of. We have seen Spiderman and Batman save an entire city, Jesus Christ die on the cross for our sins, and parents mold their children into responsible and caring adults. All of these acts and many more are aspects of what a hero can truly be defined as. It is our job as humans to develop our own interpretations in order to define the word hero for our own personal dictionary that we call life.

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