Characteristics of Living Things

1. living things reproduce

      ~example: animals have babies

2. living things get rid of waste

~example: animals and humans poop

3. living things made up of cells

~example: every organism is made up of cells, bacteria have only one cell but animals and humans have many cells

4. living things have to obtain and use energy

~example: animals eat food to get energy

5. living things grow and develop

~example: babies grow

6. living things respond and adapt to their environment

~example: humans wear coats in the winter time when it is cold

Introduction To Cells

What is a Cell? the basic building blocks of life

Cell Theory

1. All living things are made up of one or more cells: all animals, people and bacteria and plants are made up of cells

2. Cells are the smallest living things, the basic building blocks of structure and function in living things: cells are the main structure of all living things

3. Cells are made from other cells: cells duplicate to make new cells