Let all your dreams come alive in the daring culture of fantasy where reality is nothing other than an illusion. Our country comes from all mythical places such as Olympus, the Land of Wizardry, Oceanic creatures, and in and out of earth forces.


The culture of fantasy was founded in 2013 by Larry Leverwick, the unicorn.  Larry founded our country and culture after collecting all the knowledge from fantasy genre and putting it together to create a place where reality is dismissed and nothing stands but the power of your imagination.  Here you can become whatever fantasy item you desire and live freely.  In this culture we have multiple main based groups.  The country is seperated into four regions, Magic Land, The Oceanic Boundary, The Land of Power, and Forces Alive.

Political and Social Organization

Fantasy is a governed country.  Since the country is sepreated into 4 sections, there are different rulers in each.  The Magic Land is ruled by Albus Dumbledore, The Oceanic Boundary is ruled by King Tritan, The Land of Power if ruled by the Avatar, and the Land of Forces Alive is run by Zeus.  All these rulers are in charge of keeping their region safe and organized. The controller of the whole country is Larry the founder.  This system helps keep Fantasy a safe place.


The economy is based on Fantasy Currency.  One bronze coin is equal to a fantasy circle, a silver coin is equal to 5 fantasy circles, and a gold coin is equal to 10 fantasy circles.  When buying things all kinds of products vary and have limits. Food cannot exceed 50 circles, Clothing cannot exceed 100 circles, and all other products are varied based on the sellers opinion though, nothing can exceed the cost of 300 circles.  Every month, anyone part of the fantasy community is payed 500 circles to spend on whatever the subject wishes.  If a subject is employed, they can be payed extra per month but nothing more than 100 extra circles. (Tax only applies to non-fantasy people who are human and do not obtain supernatural powers.)


You are allowed to go to school in whichever group you want to be in.  You can study one section of the country or all.  There are levels 1-10 in each section and everyone starts general knowledge school at age 3 and goes from level 1-5 then levels 6-10 can be your selection of study.  Maximum age to go to school is 20 until no more lesson plans are allowed.  If you would like to be employed, levels 1-6 of education are required.  School lasts from August 1st to January 1st.

Thank you we hope you are interested in joining our community and let your dreams come true.

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