Shout out to the Kansas peeps!

With a belated explanation

  On many Kansas Days I throw a party, the high point of which is me having had way too much to drink and doing a dramatic reading of the governor's State of the State speech. This year there's a crew working refinishing our wood floors and so I won't have the audience...but I've got your attention for a bit.

  I'd like to apologize for not making it to the 40th class reunion in May. It sure SEEMED like a dick move, didn't it? Here's the thing--my contract had me working up to June 7 and the very next day I had to be up in Kansas for my aunt's 90th birthday party. I'm at the point now where I can afford making back to back weekend trips to Kansas. More accurately, I can afford it in money but not in time and energy. You all looked WONDERFUL and appeared to be having a nice time.

  Here's my official portrait:

  Oh yeah....I don't have any idea what it is my children do for a living. None. My daughter lives in Switzerland and she does some sort of thing that I guess only smart young people know about or something. My son lives in Austin and does mysterious things that make money and that I don't understand.

  After 4 years, my husband returned from Afghanistan. Don't go there. It's a very bad place. Even with armored cars and armed guards. No. Next week he leaves for Liberia to work on UN sponsored healthcare infrastructure in areas where there's been some sickness lately.

I like to think of him as bustling about wearing a pith helmet like one of those suckers whose sorry ass Tarzan was having to save all the time.

Welp, that's about it. I'd like to think that perhaps one of you will tip a few this evening and give a dramatic turn at an official document or two.

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