The wave


       the wave was a social experiment that took place in california in 1967
a teacher named ron jones was the instructor at the time and he started off the class by stating that no one was better than each other in any way shape or form

     for the students who weren't very popular enjoyed this, and the kids who were popular didn't enjoy this because it made them seem less important, and somehow less "cool" , the teacher mr. jones informs that this is not what he did this for. he told the students that the only reason he is doing this is to represent that they as a class are family. and family sticks together.

            that same day mr. jones told the students that this class, his class, is the best and that they are gonna show the other classes what they were capable of. the students got excited that they were told that they were the best, I don't think they were used to hearing that as students.


        Day 2 was pretty similar when it came to what the teacher was trying to say or represent, he re-informed the class that they were number 1 and that the shouldn't accept anything less then that.

        The difference in today was that the teacher introduced the idea of unity, he suggested that the class as a whole should wear all the same clothes to represent that they were one. he suggested white button down shirts. the students at first sorta thought it was a joke but soon realized it wasn't, when one of the students rejected to wear a white button down, she was shunned. she didn't get to answer any questions or put her input into any of the class, she soon dropped the class in retaliation.

         After the class accepted this fact that they needed to do what the teacher told the class went smoothly.


          On day 3 mr.jones came in excited and ready to talk, he suggested the idea that this class should be called something, something that would unite the class even farther, he made a vote system where the students suggest and vote on the names, he did this to show the students that together they had power, no one person could decide the name, they had to come together to decide it.

          In the end the class decided that this particular project should be called The Wave.


       Today was less eventful in the fact that they didn't do much except go over the ideas and discussion of power among numbers. as class went on some students who took this class more serious came up with a salute to represent the class, they brought up their idea to the teacher and he decided that it was a good Idea.

        What the teacher didn't know is that outside of class things were starting to get more and more involved when it came to "The wave". local hang out spots where starting to be runned by the kids in the class, for one example there was a local hang out at the skate park, the kids in the class told every other kid who tried to skate that this was their park and the new kids had to join the wave if they wanted to skate there. this caught on, pretty soon all local skate parks were runned by the wave, and pretty soon the idea of joining the wave was very popular.


      day 5 was very different and is when "The Wave" took a turn for the worst not in the class room but outside, after school a group of students got together and decided to make a logo, this logo caught on and was very loved by the class mates, then the students had a very illegal idea, the students later that night when around and started to spray painted their logos every where possible. office buildings, local stores, and even the town hall building.

     The students also made stickers and plastered them every where. over 500 stickers were put up all over the town.


      On this day, day 6 the teacher mr.jones called together a meeting, in this meeting mr.jones told the class that this is what he was talking about in the very beginning. he showed the class all the side affects of this experiment. he showed them that they thought they were better then others, the kids in the class made others feel bad for not being apart of the wave, they kids even turned to doing illegal stuff to prove that the wave was powerful.

       in the end the class felt sorta betrayed in the fact that all of this was a joke, and didn't mean anything. some students were even compelled to do some illegal things such as fight back against the teacher.

in the end the teacher proved his point, and the classes eventually went back to normal, the wave died down later and everything was the same as it was before project week happened. it was a valuable lesson to learn.

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