Where to Buy Skinny Ties in the UK?

Skinny Ties look smart-there is no doubt about that. However a lot depends on the build of the wearer and how the tie is coordinated with the rest of the outfit. It is available throughout the United Kingdom but if it is a chic collection you are going for a specialised retail outlet online or otherwise may be the answer.

The hottest fashion accessory this season, the skinny tie was quite the rage in the 60’s through to the 80’s. The skinny tie usually has a width of 1.5-2.5 inches and also known as slim tie, thin tie or a narrow tie. A skinnier look makes it more retro and a wider look leans towards a more traditional one.

Length is just about Right:

The length of a tie is usually 57 inches, give or take a few depending on the manufacturer. When tied, the tip falls near the belt or just a little lower than that (1 inch) and may be a couple of inches (about 3 inches) above.

What is the Occasion:

Skinny ties in the UK are usually worn for both formal and casual events. It looks best with a fitted shirt with small collars and preferably coordinated attires. A bright coloured slim tie with a black dress shirt is by far the hottest look this season. Choose from the palette the colours Fuchsia, Red, Shocking violet, Hot pink or Peacock Blue, Turquoise and many more. A bold coloured narrow tie against a black dress shirt makes a bold statement. For a more subdued yet smart look go for a lighter shirt colour against the bright tie. If a casual look is your thing then go for a collared shirt with your skinny tie but fold the sleeves and pair it with a vest. The knot can be tight or let loose for a casual and stylish look.

                                                        Where do you get a skinny tie

Skinny Ties are quite the rage in the UK and most online and high street retail shops have them. Big retail giants like M&S, Next, Debenhams, House of Fraser and online retailers like amazon.co.uk and tiesnsuch.co.uk have a reasonably good assemblage.


Based in London, ‘Ties N Such’ is a boutique accessories shop for men. The company boasts an impressive collection of silk ties, cufflinks, bow ties and pocket squares. With great customer service and good deals, ‘Ties N Such’ is a one stop shop for men’s accessories.
There are 6 categories of Skinny Ties to choose from. These are Business, Designer, Knitted, Plain, Pattern and Striped. The store specialises in skinny ties for men in the UK and shipping is free within the United Kingdom.

The first rule of wearing a skinny tie is to wear it with narrow lapels. To look your best in a skinny tie it is important to keep the colours and patterns simple yet modern. A polished gold or silver tie clip is a sure way to complete the look.
For products on Neckies in UK, you can visit TiesnSuch online Store: http://www.tiesnsuch.co.uk/


Marks and Spencer has an enviable collection of slim ties. There are machine washable and stain resistant ones, pure silk textured tie with stain resistance which also come in printed versions. From luxurious silk ties to causal work ties there is a pretty good collection to choose from.

House of Fraser

The House of Fraser has an extensive collection of Skinny ties. Choose from a wide range of bright colours and patterns and also top brands like Hugo, Kenneth Cole etc. There are textured, patterned, silk and satin ones to pick from.