The polar bear club

By:Lexi , Caysee , Trinity , Jared and trent

Did you know that polar bears have translucent fur and black skin? The polar bear is one of the most beautiful bears in the Arctic. Today we will learn more about this majestic animal including a description of the polar bear and his family. We will also explore this bear’s diet and eating habits. We will also learn about the polar bear’s habitat and the reasons why this gorgeous animal is so endangered.

Description: Polar bears have a unique body. A polar bear looks white, although its skin is black and its hair has no color at all. Each hair is translucent. Light bounces off the hair, and makes the bear look white. The polar bear has three layers of protection from the cold. First the fat or blubber, second the skin, and last the transparent fur. A polar bear has long canine teeth and the powerful jaws of a hunter. Polar bears have longer heads and noses than other types of bears. This gives them a superb sense of smell.

Diet: The polar bear can go up to three to four months without eating any food. Polar bears eat seals which provide them with rich fat for energy. Sometimes the polar bear may attempt to find different prey on the shore, including muskox, reindeer, small rodents, water fowls, shellfish, fish eggs, kelp, berries, and even human trash. Polar bears use their sense of smell to detect a seal or carcass from nearly 20 miles away.

Habitat: A polar bear’s habitat is in the Arctic. It usually lives in a den that is snowy and iced. The polar bear’s main habitat is off shore on a pack of ice and along the coast and islands of the arctic region. Polar bears live on the annual arctic sea ice that provides a platform from which they can hunt, live, breed, and in some cases create maternal dens.

Conservation and threats Polar bears are critically endangered species, there are two reasons polar bears are endangered: people who kill them for food and fur and the loss of sea ice from global warming. Some females and babies starve from the lack of food .If things don’t change this beautiful animal is going to become extinct. Polar bears are not eaten by very many animals, but, their remains have been found inside of whales. A polar bear doesn’t have to worry about being eaten very often. Their main enemy is humans.

In conclusion, if we continue to kill these innocent polar bears they are going to go extinct. We are killing polar bears because we do not take care of our planet, resulting in global warming. The polar bears are beautiful animals. They are an important part of the food chain. Their habitat is being destroyed by humans. We have a responsibility to fix what we can to help the polar bear, so that our own children have polar bears in their life too.