We began the prac and followed the instructions we’d been
given. Unfortunately, we ran out of time at the end of class and had to stop
filtering our solution, leaving us with two beakers – the large one that we’d
already poured most of our solution into and a small one that contained only a
small portion of our original solution. My group and I took placed both beakers
with everyone else’s because we were hoping to finish pouring the solution from
the small beaker into the larger one later.


As we didn’t have the chance to poor all of the solution in
the one beaker, we still had the second jar with it. Curiously, while there
were no crystals beginning to form in the first beaker (the one containing more
of the solution) there were quite a few small ones in the smaller beaker that
contained a considerable less amount of the solution.

We left both jars of crystals for another night, hoping that
by this time at least some small crystals would begin to appear in the first
beaker to rival the second.


When it appeared that no other crystals had formed in the
larger beaker overnight (or at least none large enough for us to see) my group
and I decided to take our crystals from the smaller beaker. As this small
beaker had only a tiny amount of solution, we also used the solution from the
first beaker, so that we’d all have enough.

We then divided the crystals between the four of us, and
carefully placed our designated amounts in our jars for us to take home and
observe over the holidays.

The large beaker containing more solution, but no crystals
The small beaker containing very little solution, but many small crystals.

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