Come to France, Fellow lice and other diseases where food is abundant and no pesky spray repellent.

It's time you got the life you deserve!

We are small but powerful. We can cause humans much pain while benefiting us.

Why travel to France? I will give you two reasons to travel here. One is that food here is as far as the parasite can see. The last reason is that there are so many host here that you can occupy your own host.

This is the beautiful country of France. Click the pic for a tour.

France has the most trenches than any other country. Why does this help us? MORE FOOD! Yes humans run abundant here. The trenches are filthy and are tight quarters. This allows us to move from host to host. I already have family on more than 20 humans.

The trenches are very dirty and perfect living environments for us parasites.

Not a lice? That's okay too. If you are a disease it is a perfect place for you. The uncleanliness of the trenches and the amount of humans in a small place is a perfect breeding ground for diseases. Your disease once introduced to this environment will spread like wild fire.  

These troops are the perfect food.

Still not convinced? Here is 5 facts to help convince you that France is the place to be.

1. There are 2,000 troops of the 12,000 in a division that serve on the front lines.

2. Over 65 million troops were involved in this war.

3. Lots of contaminated water for diseases to be harbored

4. The trenches also had large numbers of rats that help to carry diseases.

5. Us lice also carry the disease pyrrexhia or trench fever that affected troops and accounted for 15% of all cases of sickness in the British Army.  

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