Problems due to

Electronic waste is a big problem in this world. Not only for humans and for their health but for the whole earth. The animals, the plants, the atmosphere... The whole environment.

Electronic waste are technological devices that do not work any more ,need a reparation or have any kind of defects. The majority of the time, these products are sent to poor countries like India ,China and Ghana, because it costs less money to the companies to send them to these places than recycling them in their own countries. Even if there are many conventions that forbid the import of these defective products, countries like the United States, still send them.Once they arrive, computers,televisions, digital maps, electronic tools and more are burnt,cleaned with acids and used in many different ways to extract metals from them so that these elements could be sold after. For example,in India, this type of activity creates many job opportunities to the population.Anybody can work in this field and there are no specialists .The methods that are used are not good at all for health if you do not protect yourself and neither for the environment. For example,toxic acids are used on digital maps to extract the copper without gloves or masks. But these substances are used on the electronics in rivers,which will infect the whole water that is flowing all around the country. There is a river in India that is so toxic that it is considered eight hundred times more toxic than the average toxicity level of normal rivers.These rivers are all over India and the water is contaminated every where. The water of this poisonous river is used for agriculture,which means that the cultivations are also contaminated. Products from these cultivations will be sent to markets that are in many different cities ,but also to the rest of the world. For example if you buy a bag of Indian rice, there is a chance that this rice was cultivated in some of these contaminated soil. By hearing this you may think that it is better not to eat vegetables or fruits from these countries,but let's not forget that the animals  in India eat the food from India so they may eat affected food or even pieces of the burned electronics which will infect their body.(Their meat)

One day, these cows will be slaughtered so that their meat will be sold. Sadly, many parts of their body will be affected too.People that will eat this contaminated meat, may become sick or even die.

The most popular method to extract the metals for the electronic waste is by burning the plastic so that it melts,keeping the metals only.This method will also affect the environment since the toxics will be in the smoke coming out of the flames and in the ground. This will cause acid rain that will affect other rivers and the ground even more. Since the air is the same for everybody,  the countries that are in the neighbourhood of India are also affected but not as much as India. In all these poor countries, many people travel from rural areas to cities to work in this field since that there are not enough jobs for the whole population. The new arrivals do not have money to buy a house,so they build their own which will lead to the creation of slums. There is only one positive aspect about E-waste, it is the creation of many jobs, but let's not forget that the workers will be in bad conditions and will not be paid a lot. E-Waste destroys everything in a country, the water, the ground, the animals, the plants, the air, the people, the neighbouring countries and even the whole world.

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