Don't Believe What You See

Mr.Mims pg 45-46 paragraphs 1-3 and4

I say that the expression seeing is believing is true because in the text it stated that when your mind is playing tricks on you it is an type illusion called the optical illusion. An optical illusion tricks people into thinking that we are seeing something that is not there.You see optical illusions are all around us.They occur in the natural world. One example is that it is a hot summer day and you are driving in a car wile you are driving you see some water but when you get there nothing is there.The heat from the road is rising and light from the sun hits it in a way that makes your eyes think there is water ahead.Animals also use illusions like a lion blending in to the tall brown grass.Or an stick bug since it looks like a stick animals cant see if it is a bug. This illusion is called a natural illusion.The last type of illusion are human made.Some times people call these brainteasers. Pictures that shows the world me. All of this info proves that seeing is believing.

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