Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming on Art

Aside from her busy career as a successful lawyer, Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming is a devoted wife and the mother of three children. The man she is married to is a computer software engineer that also works out of Cheyenne. The origins of her career start when she commenced her education. She received her A.A. degree from the University of Wyoming and her law degree from its College of Law in 2004. Once she received her BAR accreditation by successfully passing its exam that very same year, she went into practice when she started working for The Law Offices of Vernon Dill. This was her base for a couple of years before she broke out to start her own practice in 2007. You can imagine how much work attorneys do, and she is a devoted practitioner of the law, pouring every bit of knowledge, education, research, and planning into every case she works on. That kind of work certainly sounds and certainly is quite stressful. One of the many ways she releases stress and gets a creative break is by getting into art. She drops in on occasion to a local art studio where she is able to paint and draw. A creative and relief outlet, she has made many pieces in her adventures at the art studio have been pieces that were given to friends and family, but they are mostly for her own expression. Art is just one of the many ways she expresses herself and the other is being a great attorney.

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