How is America represented in the documentary?

This documentary is about the health of Americans and aiming it at the fast food restaurant McDonald's as being one of the main causes. Director Morgan Goes on a diet of eating MacDonald’s for 1 month, every day. This documentary is proving that MacDonald’s food is making Americans fat and that eating it more than once a week, like a lot of Americans do, has a high impact on their health. America in the documentary has been represented as being fat country. Morgan himself has made comments saying That America is the fattest country in the world, and that the second highest cause of preventable death in America is obesity.

America has easy access to McDonald’s stores around the states because they’re everywhere. Shops, airports, petrol stations, train stations, amusement parks and even hospitals. Because of the easy access to McDonald’s, the cheap price of their food, the quick delivery and the taste, 1 in 4 Americans will go to a McDonald’s store because of the convenience. From this experiment, Morgan quickly became sick, proving that McDonald’s food is bad for you. During the experiment Morgan’s intake of sugar, sodium and fat was large, Leaving Morgan with an inflamed liver, 24.5 pounds bigger (final weigh in) and making Morgan’s mood depressed and overall just feeling terrible.

This is a shocking result, considering that so many Americans go to McDonald's every day, and that lots of them go more than once a week. Because of this, America is known as one of the fattest countries in the world and this documentary proves it.

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