Menomoniee Tribe

Meaning:The Wild Rice People

Past History  

The Menomoniee people used to live in upper Michagan  and Wisconsin. They had trouble in war with the Soc and Fox tribes.

Present History

Now the Menomoniee people live in Wisconsin. They face the government and law.


The Menomoniee people eat wild rice, deer, fish, nuts, berries, and beans.


Menomoniee women wear skirts and breechcloths with leggings. The Menomoniee men wear deerskin, fur caps, and peaked hoods.


The Menomoniee people mainly lived in wigwams and lodges made of bark.


Menomoniee people used many tools. Mostly birchbark canoes, sleds, snow shoes, bows and arrows, clubs, stone axes, spears, and cradle boards.


The Menomoniee children played with dolls and games like snow snake and lacrosse.

Interesting Facts

Menomoniee people like to quilt, do pottery, and floral bead work.

They traded things with the Ojibwa and Winnebago tribes.

The Menomoniee liked to tell stories like " How The Porky Pine Got It's Quills."

They spoke the Menomoniee language but now they speak English. the Menomoniee language is a musical language with complicated verbs.


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