Brianna Strassman Mr. Burruel  World History Q7 March 26, 2014

Q: Why was Jerusalem impact to your group

A:  The Byzantines took control of Damascus in 635 with the caliph ruling from their, with Jerusalem taken in 638. In that time Muslims took control of Iraq to India and Central Asia, as well as North Africa and Spain under the Umayyad dynasty (661-750) and the Abassids (750-1258).

Q: the reason for the crusades based on your groups point of view

A: The major watershed of Jewish history in the medieval world is the First Crusade. The Crusades changed all of Jewish life in Europe. It changed the attitude of Christians towards Jews and Jews toward Christians… and even Jews towards Jews.

Q: The effects of the crusades on your group

A: The crusade effects their religion also they were taking their land away from them.

Q: your groups perception of other groups


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