Internet Safety Rules  
By  Abby

Internet safety is very important and yet some people don't know about it. Telling people information that could track you down could end up in a serious and dangerous situation. Some of these things could happen accidently like when you're talking to someone online, or on a website that can trick you into telling information. That's why it's important to know when you're on a bad website or talking to somebody dangerous. Even those pop ups that say, "You can win 1,000 dollars if you tell us your credit card number!" can be fake. Most of the time these are scams.  That's why these rules can help you when you're on the internet. Learn these rules so you can stay safe online!

                                     10 Rules That can Help you Online!

1. Never give your personal information out to anyone you don't know online.

2. Don't agree to get together with anyone online that you have not met face to face with your parents.

3. If you find anything uncomfortable online tell a trusted adult immediately.

4. If you get an email or a message from somebody you don't know, tell a trusted adult.

5. Don't ever give out passwords except to the trusted people in your family.

6. Do not write back to any rude or uncomfortable messages or emails.

7. Do not download any software without a parents permission.

8. Make sure you shop at safe websites. One way to know if you are is if the website URL says HTTPS.

9. Never post pictures online of yourself without a parent's permission.

10. Keep your account passwords strong and change them every so often so no one can hack into them.

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