By Morgan Blackburn

Population- 16, 60, 707
National languages- Spanish, Chilean, English, Rapanui, German, Romani
Currency- Chilean Peso
2 neighboring countries- Argentina and Paraguay
Capital City- Santiago de Chile

Famous Places

Chile has a lot of places to visit! One includes Puerto Varas, which is a mountain range that has breath taking views. You can choose whether to hike the mountain or kayak in the lake next to the mountains. Another fun place to visit is San Pedro de Atacama. This is a perfect place to visit if you want something unusual but beautiful. There are geysers, weird rock formations, hot springs, volcanic peaks, and more at this location! One last place to visit is Santiago, if you want a night on the town! You can shop, eat, or dance in Santiago!

Expressions Used in Chile

Many expressions are used in Chile! One is, "pololo/a". This means girlfriend or boyfriend. Another is "cachai', which basically means "do you get/understand?" One last one is "agarrar pa’l (para el) huevo" which is "to make fun of".

Food and Drink in Chile

There are a lot of different foods in Chile. One that stood out to me was, Bistec a la Pobre. This is a beefsteak served with french fries, fried onions, and usually topped off with two fried eggs. Another dish served in Chile is humitas. These are boiled corn leaf rolls with seasoned ground corn. They have to have something to wash all this food down with! One drink I found is called jote. This is a red wine mixed with cola.

Geography and Climate in Chile

Chile is a very long country. Because of this there are a lot of different climates. In the tip top of Chile it is very dry and sunny all year round. In the central part of Chile it is dry and Mediterranean. The bottom of chile is a very wet, damp place. There are an abundance of forests, glaciers, and mountains!

Human Rights March in Chile

In Chile, people have been fighting for their rights. Recently things have gotten pretty violent. In September of 2014 Chilean Police were using water canons and shooting water at very high pressures towards the protestors. The protestors had fire bombs and was throwing them at the police.