Gun shots fired late Saturday night In downtown Wilson

A on duty officer patrolling through Vick and Hines street was on full alert when he heard the sound of near by gun shots. Officer Steve Stroud looked in the area the shots were fired from and noticed a man stumbling around as another suspect was trying to flee the scene. He quickly pulled the car over and the man did not resist arrest. The man still stumbling down the street was later met with Wilson emergency medical services but eventually taken to Vidant medical center for further treatment of a leg wound.

The police and investigators quickly flooded the scene and continued early into Sunday morning. The case was still open on into Sunday but no evidence or motives were found.

Crime is not an unfamiliar thing in this location. Locals that once knew the area say it has always had a frowned upon reputation for its drug affiliated violence. So, how could we improve it? More police patrol or better security in neighborhoods? If you are a resident of this location, you can visit the Wilson County website and get in touch with any local representative and speak your opinion.. As the city is already known for its crime rate, you could be the one to make a difference. Luckily for now, the victim of the shooting is said to be in okay condition. You could be the one to prevent the next incident.

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