The Race by Jerry Spinelli
Theme: Bullying can not be accepted.

Text to self: My connection to the book is that I play football like Crash.  However, I don't bully anyone.  I don't believe that bullying is a good way to make everyone like you, it makes others afraid of you and you don't have true friends.

Evaluation: I liked this book because it was easy to read and I could relate to Crash Coogan in some ways.  The only sections I didn't like were the "bullying" parts. I would recommend this book to a friend because it was good.  It caught my attention and I was able to read it quickly.  It has a good lesson about what happens when bullying happens.

1.  "All last year we tormented Webb. He's so dumb. He never figures out who's doing it. He never gets mad at us. In fact he never gets mad at anybody. Day after day,his chippy chirpy perky self. What a moron."
    Response to quote:  I don't really relate to the quote but I think it shows how bad the bullying was in this book.  I felt really bad for Penn Webb, it is not fun to be bullied and laughed at.  I don't think that it was funny and that Crash and Mike were very mean.  I would not like to know anyone like them.  

2. "Downstairs Abby screamed.  I heard the back door open, saw her race across the brown grass, stood there at my window as she raced back to the house, as the ambulance cam and the men in white pants and the stretcher with gray straps and the flashing red lights and the siren that sounded like a kazoo going farther and farther away.  It was a stroke.  That's what they told my parents.  My sister and I aren't allowed to see him."               Response to quote:  I can relate to this quote because my grandpa just had a stroke last month.  I was not allowed to go see him in the hospital room because I am not 12 years old.  I love my grandpa very much and it was sad to know that he got sick.  It is really sad and I think that Crash was also very sad to see his grandpa sick.  

3.  "This morning the announcement came on the PA: the Springfield team had come in second at the Penn Relays, our best finish ever.  The principal gave the names of the three eighth graders; then he said, "And the anchor leg was run by Penn Webb, who brought the team from last place to second."  I could hear cheers from his homeroom down the hall.  Inside, I cheered too."

     Response to quote:  This quote is at the end of the book.  I liked the ending of this book because it shows how Crash changed.  He let Penn win the race to make the team.  That is why I titled the book "The Race."  I liked that Crash changed from a bully to a friend.  He had to change the hard way, after Penn sent a letter to Crash's grandpa after he got sick.  Penn was kind even after being bullied and made fun of by Crash and Mike.  

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