Diagnosis of Scabies  

By: Madi and Austin

My name is Brett Ramirez. I am a 56 year old man who lives alone with my wife. I work in an accounting firm. One day I noticed my arm started to itch. The more I itched the worse it got. I began to develop a red rash with a few scaly spots. I became a little concerned with the rash so I went to the doctor. When the doctor took a look at the red marks he came to the conclusion that it was Eczema. The doctor explained that Eczema causes red marks and rashes; and at times, appear scaly. He gave me some Pimecrolimus cream to put on the rash and told me to leave the spot alone. I went home and did what he told me. After about two weeks the rash had gotten worse. Gray lines started to work their way up my arms and started to reach the rest of my body. At the end of every line there was a tiny dot. The medicine did not seem to be working. So I went back to the doctor. When the doctor saw the grey lines, he told me that I had a skin condition called Scabies. He then proceeded to tell me that Scabies were a type of parasite that borrows into the skin of the arms, legs, and chest. They cause itchy red skin and it gets worse at night. They live in the webs of the fingers and toes along with the palms, wrists, ankles, and soles of the feet. They are found in the elderly and the young and they are passed from skin to skin contact. And if there hasn't been any skin to skin contact then the Scabies can move just from having a jacket next to someone else's jacket who has the skin condition. I then told my doctor that I notice a colleague with the same conditions as me. My colleague has a new dog that he was telling people about at work. At work we all hang our coats up in the break room and my hanger is next to his on the end. I went home and put on the creme and in weeks my gray lines were gone. The itching seemed to continue after but my doctor told me it was the parasites getting killed and would stop after they are not on my body.

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