LV is a necessity, love is luxury?

Strange city, crowded rhythm, indulgent life, everyone rush to work, work, home, home, nightlife. A man wearing shoes, riding on high heels woman, each busy with their work, life, socializing. In this society full of temptations, we are in the pursuit of hearts that a prosperous and rely onキャンバスバッグコピー. According to the social survey: economic interests in this materialistic mainstream lead to social background, people consider the economic interests of any of the options in the first row, mate selection criteria is the first of many women's economic capacity, followed by the order and values and so on. Like "romance 33 days" in the sentence: LV Li Ke is a necessity for love is a luxury.

Today, many people have lamented, love is built on a realistic foundation. In our lives, there is no purely and simply because of sexual gratification with love? I think is still there, although the huge urban mobility thousands of people every day, but every human heart have own values,ルイヴィトンキャンバスコピーhave their own principles and beliefs, loved Tyrant, some sugar daddy, ordinary life was love, it was a favorite with people who like to work hard in the big cities. The man you love is not necessarily to have a strong economy, and you might just fall in love with one of his eyes and a smile.

Liu * Strong Tonghua City, Jilin Province in 2009 Christmas Eve began a relationship with his wife, two young men, even if nothing else, but still married, they worked very actively living. Like fairy tales, they face strong love, Liu * strong wife told him: If you do after what I'm sorry I do, do not say anything, just give me a happy ring, I do forgive you. Living happily continues, in 11 years after they have their baby daughter, the same year in August, Liu モノグラム コピー* Strong was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma -t lymphoblastic lymphoma, is very serious, Liu Qiang * You must be 24 hours of infusion. Emergency treatment for several months brought about by high costs suddenly become difficult to load the entire burden of the family, and even Liu * Strong himself wanted to give up. But his wife has always adhere to guard him, for him to perform various attempts, in addition to the care of her husband outside, spend time with her four to borrow moneyモノグラムバッグコピー, open micro shop, look for the media, looking for the Red Cross, she was crazy for her husband Like to work with, absolutely bent on not giving up. Looking back and forth wife, Liu * Strong think he is not eligible to give up.