Deforestation Destroys Our Loucation

Deforestation in Missouri

This is what we do to trees when we make neighborhoods and city's
Need to stop doing this.


Define: Did you know that at this rate in about one hundred years we will no longer have rain forests.In the last 50 years deforestation has been a big problem not only in Missouri but all over the earth. Deforestation has been caused by diseases and people cutting down trees. You can stop this by building houses out of bricks.

Discover: We got to this point by building neighborhoods, city's, and even farmers growing crops. And all those trees are getting destroyed.

Dream: I wish that people would stop cutting down trees and start regrowing trees. If we wiped out all the trees we would have to get air from a jar.

Design: We need to first stop cutting down trees then start growing them back.I dream of a world where every time you cut a tree down you have to grow TWO trees back.

Conclusion: People are cutting down trees for paper, houses, and even cardboard. I made a plan/design to stop cutting down trees and grow two back for everyone you cut down. You should care because in 50 years we could be drinking air out of a bottle.

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