The Earthquake in Los Angeles California of 2008

By Logan Withrow and Savannah Lindenmuth

Los Angeles California

Tuesday July 29, 2008 at 11:42 AM

Magnitude 5.5

Nobody died

Amusement parks had to temporarily shut down their rides. Other than that there wasn't very much damage. Other than items falling off store shelves, and a few people were injured from falling ceiling tiles.

It happened near the North American Plate and Pacific Plate.

There were 100 minor aftershocks.

Many amusement parks had to shut down their rides. Over 2,000 people lost power after a fire that broke out at a power station. The power was restored that afternoon. There were very few cases of injuries, people had minor injuries from falling ceilings.The earthquake was at the depth of 9 miles. 30,000 people have responded saying the felt the earthquake. One more thing would be this was the worst earthquake that had happened in a while.

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