4th Period:  Fatima C, Cornesha H, Keara P, DeAngelo W.

Photo 1: Chicago Skyline

Al Raby students arriving at 49th street beach viewing Chicago Skyline.

Photo #2: Sunrise

Caption: In this Photo you see the sunrise on Roosevelt and Pulaski, bright early morning. Even though Chicago can be dangerous sometimes it can be a beautiful neighborhood. A quiet morning on the streets of Chicago.

Photo 3: Al Raby students at 49th street beach

Al Raby students arriving at 49th street beach for service learning hours.

Photo 4: Chicago sky line with fun (July 20th)

Chicago is not just about guns, drugs, and violence, you can actually have fun and chill without any problems and what’s better than a relaxing game of cards at your vary own down town Chicago lake front.

Photo 5: My mommy driving down Lakeshore

In the car on lake shore drive. This is showing me spending time with my mom on a Saturday afternoon leaving from my mommy's house.

Photo #6: Community Outlook

Caption: Here you see police standing on the corner of Polk and Francisco. In this photo, you see police, a man and a woman. Chicago has had deaths after deaths and this shows that police standing around.

Photos #7: title: random search

Caption: The police just pulled up on the boys.They just got out in search the boys.Why did they get arrested? It happened on 7/26/14.

Photos #8: title: Teacher Getting Searched

Caption: I took this picture to show that everybody got searched. I never knew that  teachers got searched to attend a football game. He was getting searched at the Al Raby football game at Hanson Stadium. On 9/26/14 at 7:40p.m

Photo 9: Downtown lights at night

This was taken at downtown at Grant Park. It shows the different buildings and the lights reflecting from my camera.

Photo 10: In traffic downtown

It was my first time ever driving downtown. My mom gave me the keys and told me to drive while she sits in the front seat helping me stay focus on the road.

Photo 11: My cousin and little sister enjoying the view.

Me, my cousin, and little sisters decided to go downtown. My little sister and cousin were shocked to see the beauty of Downtown at night, with all of its pretty lights.

Picture #12: School and what happens inside it.

Caption: Here you see students from Al Raby High School in the computer lab. In the beginning of the class, students suppose to come in the computer lab and start on their essays. In this picture you see most students doing work, some not, and some done.

Photo #13: Positive Feel to the School

Caption: Here you see Al Raby High School students playing kickball in the gym room. In the beginning of class, students suppose to get dressed and participate. If you don’t get dress, you still can play. In this photo students majority of the class  didn’t change for gym, but still being involved.

Photo # 14: Al Raby volleyball Team

Caption: In this photo you see Al Raby Volleyball team playing Ogden High School in the gym room. Here in this photo you see Al Raby on defense ready for the ball.

Photo #15: Orr vs Uplift

Caption: Here you see a football game at Orr High School with uplift titans and Orr. At the beginning at the game, the two teams supposed to shake hands and wish each other good luck. During the game you have some players playing in the game, some on the sideline, and fans cheering. You also see dedicated teams.

Overall Theme:

Theme: There are different aspects of life in Chicago. Me and my group took pictures of different parts of Chicago. I think we understand the different factors of the city but most of us can’t get to the sectoin that we want to get to. We live like the everyday kids in Chicago and go through problems. So in our photo essay we show good and bad elements of Chicago. From downtown to fires on the west side of Chicago and everything else in between.

Photos #16: title: The Burning Building (Black Cloud)

Caption: The Ice House on Harrison Street caught on fire. It made some big dark clouds in the sky. Everyone was curious about where the fire was located.It happened on 9/25/14 at 3:54pm.

Photos #17: title: Curious Helicopters

Caption: the helicopter was flying in the sky looking at the building burning on Harrison.

Photo 18: Building a better Chicago

Empty lots in Chicago are being put to use by building new playgrounds around the west side of Chicago.    

Photo 19: Day At The Beach (Wed September 15,2014)

Alraby students and a raby teacher out at the beach for service learning project having fun. Alraby teachers have bounds with students outside of school also.

Photo 20: Fun time in the sun (Sunday, July, 17, 2014)

Sunday 2:30pm, Oak Park IL, at Long Fellow Park, kids of all races playing and getting alone in a park.

Photo 21: Practice Makes Perfect ( July 18,2014)

Chicago’s very own Jamal Milan, #55 is known as the best linemen in the city of Chicago, chose to practice all summer instead of gang banging and selling drugs with the other guys in Chicago. Just because we live in Chicago doesn't mean were the same and have the same hobbies.   

Photos #22: title: Football Team After A Big Victory

Caption: Even though you lose against your opponent, you can still come together and be friends..

Photo #23: Home

Caption: Here in this photo you see a medium shot of my kitchen. Many people didn’t live like this back in the day. Newly remodel apartments.

Theme For English B:

Growing up in Chicago: Cornesha Hnads

I am a 18 year old African American girl born on the west-side of Chicago in the West-Garfield neighborhood. It isn’t easy. Getting up going to school having to watch your back; left , right, side , and front. You have children that can’t play outside because of deadly shootings. When it rains in Chicago, it’s because our city is crying. That’s what it’s like living in Chicago.

About Me By: Fatima Campbell

When I look in the mirror I don’t know what to think.Then I start to wonder should I smile at myself or Just stare, But then I glance at people looking at me, then start to think what they say about me, or just even if they care, but then I start to analyze my life and actions.Then ask myself this question: Do I tend to judge myself harder than others judge me? But I think back on all of the things I have done in my 17 years of living. Something’s I ask why to and somethings I really don’t care about but since I’m writing this poem about me I should be true to my self and one thing I can be honest about is that I don’t know anything about me.