Ben Franklin

A biography project by David Asselin for Mrs.Hemry

Ben Franklin was born January 16,1706 at Bosten, Massechusets, and died April 17,1790

Signifacant Events That Affected Bens Life

+Revoulutionary war

+Stamp act

+Scientific discoveries

Bens Childhood

Even as a young boy, Ben was a inventor. He created many objects that we us to this day, such as swim paddles.  His family usallygave him good advice for his future.  When Ben grew older, into his thirtys , he realized that you should always do your work but find time to do the things you like.

People Who Influenced His Life

Deborah: His wife, helped him when he was a newspaper owner and printer

William: His son, was often his fathers partner when they got into any experiments in the science field

Temple: His grandson, would often have political talks with Ben


Proved that lightning was form electricity

Created the lighting rod

Created the Franklin stove

Was a Revolutionary War leader

The Main Theme Of Ben's life was......

To always do your work when required but never procrastinate. But always find time to do the things and activities that you want and like to do.

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