Career Cluster: Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

In law, public safety, corrections and security, I want to be a criminal profiler. Criminal profilers examine the details of the crime and apply their knowledge of various fields, especially psychology and sociology, to develop a general description of the perpetrator. In this career you find out the criminal's personality and find out about them, and what they do so it will be easier to know who you are going to arrest and who the suspect is. A criminal investigator is interested in establishing the facts, determining if there has been a crime, and who is responsible for the crime. A criminal profiler is a specialist in the 'who' aspect of the investigation. Some profilers work in crime reconstruction. Others double as psychologists, forensic scientists, hostage negotiators or professors.

I want to be a Criminal Profiler because I really like the idea of being apart of investigations and solving crimes and figuring out someones profile. The handful of people who do work exclusively as criminal profilers tend to work within law enforcement. The FBI has a famous behavioral sciences unit called the Investigative Support Unit. Earnings: Detectives and Criminal InvestigatorsRegionAverage Annual EarningsAverage Hourly EarningsU.S. National$63,840$30.69. This just talks about the pay.

Criminal profiling, it must be remembered, is one tool, not the only tool. They help the police develop a personality profile of the possible suspect.