AMTRAK Crash: What happened

By: Logan

On Tuesday, May 12, an AMTRAK train on it's way to Philadelphia crashed. Passenger cars were torn apart, seven of them careened off the tracks, and four others were smashed. The rails were also out of place and the engine was completely destroyed. About seven people got killed and 200 others were severely injured. Only about 76 of them were treated. It was a very tragic incident, but in the end, everything ended up being pretty good except for all of the injuries exhibited and the deaths. The potential impact from this event could lead to future inventions to try and help train safety. This also will probably lead to more ways to protect people in trains just in case incidents like this happen in the future. This will definitely lead to a safer train environment and will teach a lesson that trains need to be safer.

This was where the AMTRAK derailment took place.

This is the train toppled over as the first people come to see what had happened.

The AMTRAK Train as it approaches it's fate.

An eagle's eye view of the train crash picture token yesterday.

This is the inside of the train after the accident.

This is the firefighters and cops as they look for any remaining bodies.

This is the train still standing today as smoke spurs out of the destroyed train.

Learn more about the details and events leading up to it that helped shape this out.

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