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#SpringBreak and ME

This is me and my brother hanging out with our friends last summer.

About me

I'm Alex F and I'm 14 years old I'm in Boy Scouts and currently hold a high leadership position in my troop. I also have a horse named Moose.

I also have two dogs named Wally Wallaby, Wally for short, and Mack

This is Wally(above) and Mack(below)

Also Wally has only three legs.

My likes and interests

Some of the things I like to do is play with my 9 rubik's cubes, sit around and do absolutely nothing, read or listen to music.

This cube is the 7x7x7 and is one of my favorites out of my cubes.

This is where my dad and I hunt and camp during the summer and sometimes during the winter.

Spring Break

This spring break I went to Seattle and Astoria, Oregon

The best part of my spring break was going to Astoria, Oregon. In Astoria I went to the Goonie's house, Fort Stevens, and the column.

This is what the Goonie's house looks like today.

This is Fort Stevens the only American fort to be shot at on American soil since the Civil War.

This is the Astoria column and looks over great part of Astoria.

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