Positive relationship

- positive relationships have to do a lot with communication, acts, the way we respect each other, get along with each other, and also the way we treat people.  The communication because the way someone acts with someone in public or even at home effect a lot in the social communication because it's not the same between you and other people around you.  The acts because someone's features, body language, and attitude tone for example someone is talking to you and your looking some where else and not them making some ugly faces to the speaker while there talking to your right that's disrespectful.  The communication between each other is not always the same the way you talk to your friends you should not talk to your adults or other people not related to your friends, that's what you call "slang" slang is the inappropriate way to talk to your bosses or adults around school or even families we should all have postive attitude towards people even if we don't like them...

Respect (:

Respect between student is really important in a relationship such as friendship ,teacher, parents or other places out in public the respect that they want we would like it back being disrespectful to someone just because you don't want them near you, them to talk to you you can't be disrespectful there has been a lot of pro,bless in school because of the way the students answer back to teacher but it's reallly not the teachers fault all the time we might understand we need time alone some times but be respectful and ask them to leave you alone but someone being disrespectful just because they need to learn there respect .

Students involvement :(

Student involvement is also important to us because we teacher our children's how to experience life at a young age children learn a lot of things during the day and as they grow every time , kids and students participating in school activities is a great idea so kids can learn faster and they learn in the way .

Student involvement in articular activities is good for the student because they learn how to have communication between other students and teachers they start building relationship between other people there communication and interactions start building up as they grow .

Class identity:)

Is a class of community depends on students seeing themselves as a group and faster group work between him or her and other students.

Students need some type of community helpers at a young age to start doing stuff and helping out  around the class they need more movement because children's at a young age are not like older middle school students because they more of the jumping around kids they're ant to be doing a lot of movement around the class or outside routines.

We need to motivate them to do better and be a success in there life as they grow up more and more..

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