Rock Barrier

By: Isiah, Bo, Ty, and Madelyn


Which would cause more erosion a rock barrier or no rock barrier?


We think that there will be more erosion because water is strong and it can move the rocks.


*Rock barrier                                                                                                                       *cup                                                                                                                             *bucket                                                                                                                     *stream  table                                                                                                                     *lifts/angles                                                                                                                   *water


Before picture

Data Results

After Picture


After we let the water through the one with the rock barrier it only went 19 inches but with the one without the barrier the erosion went 21 inches.


The rock barrier did not cause more erosion like we thought it  would cause more because we thought water was stronger than the rocks and that the rocks would tumble down therefore causing more erosion.Our hypothesis was wrong because the rock barrier ended up being really strong and none of the rocks tumbled down.Our eviedence for supporting that that no rock barrier caused more erosion is that the erosion for no rock barrier went 21 inches but the one with the rock barrier only went 19 inches.